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Finally I got in my hands the ultimate camera  that has been released to the market made it by Nikon.

It’s been 4 months since I preordered on B&H. Since that moment the only thing that I did was looking up on internet all the content there online about the Nikon D850. At quick sight it seemed like the lost arc was founded and Nikon was the first one who got there.

Looking, analyzing and searching all day and night long. Time was the only thing that separates me to the camera. The long waiting after I had purchased plus all the countless reviews I read, I decided to make my waiting less traumatic. I started to meditate and visualice what I would like to do with the camera when I had it on my hands. 

The pictures I would take, timelapses, portraits, experimentation and overall the ability to create a responsable video with a decent range to modify colors and save stills from it. A whole new world for me which, as journalist and documentary lover, definitely this is the tool I was missing before going to next level, the cinematography.

No doubts, it is an all-in-one camera. The most versatile I’ve used as photographer. It’s Faster, efficient, and the most important for me, it connects to my iPad.

Los Angeles, CA 2017

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