Professional Photography & Filmmaking

Ideal for Actors, Models, Children, Maternity, Youth Sports, Families, Business, Products, etc.

  • All outfit changes that you want.

  • All Photos Taken (250-400 approx).

  • Outdoor Scenarios with natural light.

  • Main Images online in our website.

Headshots & Portraits

       Many shots to get the best image of you. Excellent for Actors, Models, Children, or everyone interested in get a profile picture for casting calls.


  • One look and outfit.

  • The best one edited in High Resolution with frame and name on it.

  • Outdoor background with natural light.

  • Your headshot online in our website.

Photojournalism & Coverage on Photos and Video

       For Business, Product, TV Channels, Talk Shows, Reality Shows, Filmmakers, Concerts, Expo, Championships or Sport Event.


  •  Documentation of everything is going on.

  •  Behind the scene and Making off.

  •  Interview to Staring/Players.

  •  Portraits of the Crew/Team.

  •  Main People Photo Shoot.