From an early age, my passion for documentation through images caught my attention. The reports and photographs, including documentaries, all that influenced to study the art of explaining with pictures and words what my eyes see and what the body feels and persive. In this gallery there is a bit of my sensivilidad as a journalist, as a graphic viewer and reporter call the concert life.

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Holy Week 

The holy week is celebrate around the world for believer of Christian's religion. I've been whole my life attending to this interesting tradition but at this moment I'm not in my hometown where I was born. 

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Portraits of Paraguay 

Some street children, notably in more developed nations, are part of a subcategory called thrownaway children who are children that have been forced to leave home.

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Grunge Culture 

Grunge, sometimes referred to as the Seattle sound. Is a subgenre of alternative rock that emerged during the mid-1980s in the American state of Washington, particularly in Seattle.

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Offspring to be Tasted

This gallery is the sad story of a beautiful and inocent cow named Blanca who was raised to conceive the life of her own death. An evil and ancient technique of cattle bred for meat perfection. Caregivers develope a deeply rapport to keep as relaxed as possible to the marked cattle... This just can be compared with the same bond that parents have with their child rearing before they leaves home.


Los Angeles, CA, 2016

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