This photography service offers you all kinds of portraits with your partner in different scenarios.

Your photo session:

   The style of my photography allows me to capture the sensitivity, nostalgia and richness of love reflected in every job I do. Through my way I have had the opportunity to portray all kinds of situations and moments that has made me understand the true essence of portraiture as a service to the public.

   Many people rarely have their photograph taken professionally and might feel nervous about having a photo session, but whether you’re celebrating a special moment in your life, your career accomplishments, or simply loving your life, having your portrait taken to capture those moments is incredibly important and empowering to yourself. And it’s fun too!

   Capturing your personality either at home or outdoors in your favourite setting – or even in your workplace – as a series of images and portraits will give you a sense of achievement for yourself and will be something that you want to display and enjoy.  Soft and natural lighting is perfect to reflect the mood of the shoot.

   Before your session we’ll decide on the ideal location along with the sort of clothing you’d like to wear to reflect your personality and tone of the collection and so that it will fit in with your personal surroundings.  If it’s more of a commercial photo session you’d like then I can show you in your work surroundings.

   Once your portfolio is complete. I’ll arrange a viewing session either in your home or my viewing room to show your collection and to discuss display and presentation options.




Los Angeles CA.

© 2016 by Andrés Jiménez 

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