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Locals and tourists from around the world walk daily on the eternal runway at the most famous boulevard of the planet.

Reportage / Aug 16, 2016 / 33 Photos 

By Andrés Jiménez

  Go out every day is hard work for many people, even more if one lives in a constant back and forth, where everything happens 34 nanosecond, a thousandth less than it would take the eye to blink. Anyway, the point is that wearing clothes daily, in a fashionable manner, is not easy at all. For many folks it is frustrating, for others is exciting. But What is fashion? Is it just 'to dress well' or are maybe also important Gait, accessories and cell phones? Personally, I’ve chosen the easiest option, I always dress in the same way. Although I am not a fashionista at all, in this reportage I just talk about what I've appreciated while taking pictures of street fashion in Hollywood. Upon I photographed my first runway, I started feeling more respect for those who make a great effort to go out "well dressed" and those who engage in this to happen, because fashion is definitely an Art.

A man with long hair and full beard goes carrying three bags of food with style and the classic runway model walk. That's pure Rock. Although some features are strange contrast.

Two people walking on the hollywood blvd talking on the phone. A new way of walking nowadays.

  A fashion runway show in the middle of the street! Cars passing, lights, photographers either side, the models and the crowd. I was in a such state of shock that I stopped and said to myself "here is dude, this is Hollywood at its best." Since for my "everything is an opportunity" and I'm always  with camera ​in hand, I decided to document what was happening. Among  golden  legs  and

   The Impact 

  This material was captured in three outings on the street for three years, always on the same date with the idea of keeping the frequency of the project. My reason, as I mentioned earlier, was to see how is that science or art of dressing with elegance and personality. Obviously all started one day in which I was on the street trying to earn my living with my camera, you know. Maybe Donald Trump would say "That's ridiculous" or any of those billionaire businessman who gives a damn about Photography. As if anyone listens to me, but good I keep going.

  That day I had taken the subway from the 7th Street station in Downtown LA, which incidentally is one of the busiest in the city; in order to get to my destination, Hollywood and Vine station, and then walk to my house. It was already 22:30 and everything was relaxed on my way home. I was with my princess Glensy, I remember we were coming like in slow motion, looking at each other and laughing at everything. When we left the subway station I saw this big pic ...

Three shadows parade on Hollywood Walk of Fame in the city of Los Angeles CA.

luxury cars that graced the catwalk that day of May 2014, at the fashion week of Los Angeles, my journey  to see fashion in a different way had started. Seeing this, in the middle of the street, literally hit my brain causing a chain reaction in my neurons that triggered my creativity and encouraged me to develop what I like to do: photos, videos, journalism and writing about my lived experience. So, let's find out together what fashion is.

Fashion no matter what

In Hollywood, all kinds of people passes by, many races, cultures, religions and families. Although I am not a big fan of selfiestick, when I saw this family, while walking in Highland, they made me remember the good times with mine. And it also made me think that there have been developments regarding the self­portrait is concerned. A decade ago 98% of people were asking others to take their picture, today only 10% do that. Sometimes those who were most passionate about capturing moments, they used to use a tripod and timer. Now the selfiestick is perfect, it's compact, inexpensive and compatible with any smart phone. Maybe in 5 years the drones would be responsible for documenting those good times. 

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In this photo we see three girls that at first glance you can tell their walking style. Their hair waving, arms are in sync with legs and arch distance between their steps are similar. By their outfits you can guess that two of them are tourists and one is local. Although this is a priori judgment, you can see that one of them acts as a tourist but she's really from USA. Is this an attitude of irreverence or a peculiar style? Maybe she was in a hurry to go shopping, and being on the street she suddenly realized that she was at Hollywood Walk of Fame and she told herself "I gotta act with stylish no matter what I'm wearing" I think you know whom I'm talking about, don't you? And what about the other two?

For sure, in this pic we do not know who dresses as who, whether mother wears clothes like her daughter or vice versa. However, the beauty of this picture is  it represents the freshness and naturalness of pastel colors combined with good common sense, which generates an attractive visual magic to look.

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Summer brings with it many good memories, and certainly if there is something that comes with it these days, is heat. So here are these three dudes as if they were the same person. These photos were taken at different times and what attracts me is that visually it seem they look alike each other. It is as if just one guy had been three times in the same place but with different clothes and hair cut. But it wasn't. They were actually 3 different guys.

Sunglasses are always a feature of style and presence, beside is a protection from the sun. As we know there is a wide range and diversity of models, but it is not always necessary to wear them for protection to ultraviolet rays... Often people wear them just out of vanity or to hide eyes. Accurately, sunglasses are paramount to get that "interesting" look, don't they?

Thus as her, a teacher who is on a tour with her students and she's wearing classic Ray­Ban sunglasses Aviator type. Also, her tousled hair generates a tone of intensity without work hard, even so she's still being sexy to 100%.

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As the saying says "nothing beats a classic Rock and Roll". This is like something out from the 90's style archives, but actually these are the most recent of all pictures in this reportage.

Cultural and Diversity

In Hollywood new genres and classics parade on the busiest avenue of Los Angeles. This is one of many cities in the US with 45.5 million visitors per year, this amount was registered only in the County of Los Angeles in 2015, with a total economic impact of $ 30.2 billions (according to the US Department of Commerce, Office of Travel and Tourism Industries; TNS Global Survey Travels America; CIC Research), and it continues to rise. Whether that's a lot of people, fashion is and will always be necessary because people buy and dresses when traveling. So how do we define the categories of fashion on people from different countries, races and religions? Are there shops in Hollywood for each culture? Well, apparently yes, there are.

From Latin through Muslims, Asians, all races can be seen here in Hollywood. As in many others, this is just one of those places.

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The contrasts, combinations of style and cultural personalities intertwine creating an eclectic fashion festival and racial diversity.

After all, it's difficult to define styles according to religions since the colours combinations, blouses, skirts, pants, hats, turbans, etc are so diverse. There are billions as the stars in the sky, or like those on the street that you step on at the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

California style never dies

This one, I call her "Pretty Woman" as the movie, but instead of being on Rodeo Drive this was taken at HWF. This redhead came into my frame like a thunderbolt right in the golden hour and with just a reflection of the sun in the right position, I took a portrait of a super fresh and natural woman with a perfect pose like a tourist that walks by Hollywood.

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Cool drinks make contrast of summer colors and gadgets compliment that imaginary soundtrack is listened to when the best Californian style walk appears into scene.

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Sunglasses, accessories and styles just to walk around in the company of  BFF to see and spend the summer.

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When I saw this girl I immediately thought she was... But I really did not know who she was. I searched her to give her the picture after I took it, but I did not see her again, many people around. The truth is a shame because she was like star on the pic! and honestly I would have liked to give it to her. As well as to everyone in this reportage, since I never had the chance to give them the pictures :( Although internet is so big that perhaps she sees this photo and all who appear here too, and they enjoy the pictures. Who knows. I'm always here and I'm more than happy to give an original copy and say "thank you for making my day and every day that I spent on this incredible meeting with street fashion".

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As fairy tales and their end, this is what I call "the last word in fashion" of the Summer 2016. This is what I think it is. If you see the details there are certain features that prove it. No. 1._ Her dress, ready­-to-­wear and design looks fresh, and her Cocuizas type high heels are always a classic summer. No. 2._ Her Louis Vuitton bag that everyone wants to have and show off. No. 3._ The last cellphone from the famous apple that compliments "what any teenager girl wants to have". It looks super cute, doesn't it? She looks like Pikachu. Finally, responding to my initial question, What is fashion? It is such a complex answer as arithmetic equations used to study space, planets and all that is out there. So, as every galaxy in the universe, each color, skin tone, height, shape, and all people's features are perfect. All is a unique combination that certainly fits every style and personality. No woman or man is ugly. There is just a unequal way to manage resources. Careful, this does not mean that I am a fashionista, I am not and I don't want it to be, just that I like good walking style complemented with good peculiarity of clothing.


Los Angeles, CA 2016

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