High-speed photography, portraits and news coverage. Photo reportage and video documentalist. Management of Lighting for studios and outdoors. Production of TV shows, photo shooting and video series on internet. Handling cameras and filmmaking projects. Specialist in sport photography, participating as official photographer in many championships around the world, such as:

  • MLB Spring Training coverage in New York, Seattle, Atlanta, Miami, Phoenix, Houston, Tampa. Including individual video photographic report of players in field and their houses in USA.

  • FIFA World Coup Classification (traveling to Mexico, Ecuador, Colombia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Peru, Argentina, Chile, Egypt and Venezuela). Covering different famous players anD coaches. 

Reportage and photography of many important event and breaking news in USA and Latin America, 


About me

My name is Andrés Jiménez. I'm Photojournalist, specialist in reportages and portraits. I've been photographer for more than 12 years. I have a lot of experience in world wide events, such as sports championships, movies premieres and breaking news. Also I dedicate to make behind the scenes in Hollywood's productions. I'm absolutely capable to get "the moment" when it is happening. That feeling is present in each picture that I take.

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